2012-12-19 – Architectural Review Board Minutes

Members Present:                                                                                     

Eileen Kuster-Collins          Chairperson

T. Robins Brown

Mary Mathews

Lisa Buckley                         Alternate Voting Member


Donald Yacopino                 Building Inspector



Maggie McManus

Toma Holley





1.   20 Burd Street.  Robert Silarski.  Continuation.  Site plan application to construct carport in driveway on west side.  Please note that Member Buckley has recused herself as she is a directly adjacent property owner.

Member Mathews was brought up to date on the proposed application.  Mr. Silarski requested to wait until there is a full quorum to hear the application.  The application requires all votes to be positive without a quorum and the attending Board members were not in consensus regarding the addition of the carport on the west side.

It was noted that the application was approved by both Planning and Zoning.

The application remains open.

2.   220 Main Street.  Barry Terach for Joseph Lagana.  Glenmare.  Continuation.  Site plan application for construction of retail and residential buildings.  The application requires  variances for density where 27 dwelling units are permitted and the applicant is seeking a total of 34.  The Board had no objection to the visual concept that was proposed nor to the exterior scale of the proposed building.  The Board refrained from making a recommendation on the variance  as they felt the size of the building could be feasible with less units.  There was concern for the number of units proposed however the Board understood that the issues of added density were not within the purview of the ARB.   Should the Zoning or Planning  Boards rule that the density be reduced, the ARB would have no issue with the building scale being reduced.  If that occurs, the applicants would need to return to the ARB for further review.

No public comment.  Motion by Member Brown, seconded by Member Mathews to close the public portion.  Approved by a vote of 4-0.

Motion by Member Mathews, seconded by Member Buckley to accept the proposal as follows:

1.  The petition for demolition is approved by this Board;

2.  The construction of a new retail/apartment building complex with drawing dated December 19, 2012, is approved with the following conditions as agreed to by the applicant:

(a)  The four gables on the tops of the parapets are to be omitted.  All other facade details in those elevations are to remain as presented;

(b)  All sconce lighting is to be omitted;

(c)  One gooseneck light on the east elevation over the storefront will be removed, reducing the number from five to four;

(d)  The overhead light fixtures in the entries to the residential areas will be simplified fixtures, other than those that were proposed, which conflict with the architectural style of the building;

(e)  The casing around the windows on the elevations that do not have HardiPlank composite siding but do have vinyl siding will have solid composite surroundings such as  Azek board for the casings with the siding trim bead to match;

(f)  The railings, storefront metal and light fixtures will all be of the same color metal:   dark anodized bronze.

(g)  The applicant has agreed that the neighbors concerns regarding the site appearance towards Catherine St: fencing, landscaping, driveway etc will be fully addressed with the Planning Board.

(g)  Should the exterior appearance of the proposed application be impacted by a decision by any other Board, the applicants must return for further review.

Approved by a vote of 4-0.


3. 189 Depew Avenue.  Julia Della Croce.  Application to install solar panel on roof.  The proposal complies with zoning requirements.              No public comment.  Motion by Member Brown, seconded by Member Buckley to close the public portion.  Approved by a vote of 4-0.

Motion by Member Buckley, seconded by Member Mathews to approve the application as submitted.  Approved by a vote of 4-0.

Note that the applicant has stated that the solar panels will be mounted flat on the south-facing roof and will be a dark gray color.


4.   273 High Avenue.  Barbara Miesch.  Application for siding and garage doors.  The property is in the RMU zoning district and the proposal complies with zoning requirements.

      No public comment.  Motion by Member Brown, seconded by Member Mathews to close the public portion.  Approved by a vote of 4-0.

Motion by Member Collins, seconded by Member Mathews to approve the application as submitted, with the following conditions as agreed to by the applicant:

1.  The applicant is to submit the following information in the interim:  Samples, specifications, and any kind of brochures on the vinyl so that the Board review the height of the vinyl clapboards and the dimension on corner boards or trim;

2.  The house must maintain the wide frieze board that is in the upper-story gable on the front façade of the house;

3.  The house porch columns must be maintained as they are, and should not be clad or replaced;

4.  Corner boards must be installed with the vinyl siding;

5.  Door framings around the two doors in the front façade must be brought up to be the same height.  The casings should align at top so that the different height of the entry doors is disguised;

6.  It is advised that the vent in the gable be maintained as it is very appropriate for the house.  If it needs to be replaced, it is advised that the same style, shape, size, scale vent be installed.

The applicant has noted that the body of the house will be gray and all the trim will be white.

Discussion ensued regarding the garage door.  There was consensus that the garage specifications submitted were inappropriate for the style of the house.  The applicant was interested in installing carriage-style doors.  It was recommended that the applicant  submit in the interim, any findings for an appropriate garage door for review by a minimum of two Board members. The applicant may opt to withdraw that part of the application for further review if no substitute is quickly found.

Approved by a vote of 3-1, with Member Buckley voting negatively, as she opted to not encourage the use of vinyl in the Village.


Let the record show the meeting ended at 9 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Eileen Kuster-Collins