Board Of Trustees – January 24, 2013

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Village of Nyack Board of Trustees held at 7:30pm on Thursday, January 24th,  2013 at Nyack Village Hall, 9 N. Broadway, Nyack New York


Hon. Jen Laird-White:

PRESENT:                   Jen Laird-White                                  Mayor 

Don Hammond                                 Trustee

Doug Foster                                        Trustee

Marie Lorenzini                                  Trustee

Louise Parker                                      Trustee


ALSO PRESENT:        Walter Sevastian                                 Village Attorney

Jim Politi                                           Village Administrator

                                    Mary E. White                                   Village Clerk   






            Regular meeting – January 10, 2013

Moved by Trustee Parker, seconded by Trustee Hammond to approve minutes as presented.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.


PUBLIC COMMENT (3 minute limit per person).



Orangetown Police Department

Village Administrator

            Reports given on the following:

-Marina condition

-216 High Ave (Tree removal request)

After some discussion, Trustee Lorenzini moved, Trustee Parker seconded the motion to allow resident to have the tree removed at her own cost and for the Vllage to enter into an agreement with said resident to have the tree replaced with a species of tree agreeable to the Village.

Motion was passed with a unanimous vote.

Village Attorney

Report given on the following:

-RiverClub (insurance)

-Veteran’s Memorial Park

Attorney will pay $84.29 in sewage fees on behalf of the Village.

Nyack Marketing Association

The Village has chosen 2 pole sites (southside of Main St./corner of Franklin and corner of Cedar).

Parking Hour status

Village Administrator will present a report to the board at the regular meeting of 2/14/2013.  A public hearing was scheduled for 2/28/2013 @ 8pm to amend Chapter 330 of the Village Code entitled, Vehicles and Traffic.

DMU Zoning

Public hearing scheduled for 2/28/2013 @ 8:30pm to amend Chapter 360 of the Village Code entitled, Zoning.


220 Main St. construction proposal

After discussion, a public hearing was scheduled for 2/28/2013 @ 8:15pm to amend Chapter 342 of the Village Code, entitled Waterfront Consistency Review

-At 8:27pm, Trustee Parker moved to approve request for an Executive Session to discuss matters of pending litigation and personnel, Trustee Foster seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous vote.

Village Clerk

-Electrical Inspectors

Trustee Hammond moved to approve removal of Tri-State Inspection Services from a list of authorized Electrical inspectors for the Village due to lack of proof of insurance.  Trustee Parker seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

-Ceiling repair quotes

Deferred to the Building Department and Village Administrator.

            –CPR staff training

            Scheduled for 3/12/2013 @ 10am; $45/person run by RC EMS.





Public Works & Building – No report  

Infrastructure– No report

Economic Development– No report

Information Technology– No report

Residential – No report

Housing– No report

Inter-Governmental Relations

Trustee Lorenzini moved, Trustee Parker seconded motion to adopt resolution from NYS Assembly entitled, ‘Support for NYS-Contact Information for Vacant Structures’.  Motion passed unanimously.

Parks & Recreation– No report

Tappan Zee Bridge

Mayor Laird-White gave a brief status report

Budget, Finance, and Administration– No report



Playground structures

23 Main Street (Village Attorney)



            Grace Episcopal Church – sign placement/fee waiver

Deferred for additional information.

Eksaki Films – filming request

 Deferred for additional information.

Friends of the Nyacks – Mostly Music sponsorship

Tr. Lorenzini moved, Tr. Hammond seconded motion to approve request to expend $500 to assist in the sponsorship of the concert series.  Motion passed unanimously.

Dr. Lori Martin – FunRun & Walking Tour

Deferred for additional information.


NEW BUSINESS (3 minute limit per person for public comments)



Pending Litigation/Personnel

At 8:47pm, Trustee Parker moved to go into Executive Session to discuss matters of pending litigation and personnel. Trustee Foster seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

At 9:19pm, it was moved by Trustee Lorenzini, seconded by Trustee Parker to come out of Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously


Mayor Laird-White moved, Trustee Parker seconded motion to adopt a resolution placement of D.O.T. approved pedestrian crosswalk safety signs in the Village.  Motion passed unanimously.


Trustee Foster made a motion to adopt resolution appointing Bob Galvin as Village Planner thru 5/31/2013 and to transfer $7,548 from Contingency to provide for the salary thru said time period. 



There being no further business, nor anyone present wishing to be heard, Trustee Lorenzini moved to close the regular meeting.  Trustee Foster seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously at 9:23pm

                       Respectfully submitted,

                       Mary E. White,

                       Village Clerk