Board Of Trustees – June 14, 2012

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Village of Nyack Board of Trustees held at 7:30pm on Thursday, June 14th,  2012 at Nyack Village Hall, 9 N. Broadway, Nyack New York


Hon. Jen Laird-White:

PRESENT:                  Jen Laird-White                                  Mayor 

Steve Knowlton                                   Trustee/Deputy Mayor

Louise Parker                                      Trustee                                                  

Doug Foster                                        Trustee


ALSO PRESENT:        Walter Sevastian                                 Village Attorney

Jim Politi                                              Village Administrator

                                    Mary E. White                                     Village Clerk   


ABSENT:                     Marie Lorenzini                                  Trustee




            Regular meeting – May 24, 2012

Moved by Trustee Knowlton, seconded by Trustee Foster to approve minutes as presented.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.


PUBLIC COMMENT (3 minute limit per person)


The following person also spoke during Public Comment:

Tom Morrison (12 S. Midland) inquired as to the process of enforcement of the noise ordinance and asked that clarification of the ordinance be provided to residents, as well as Orangetown Police.  He did speak of a recent incident where responding officers advised that the Village had no ‘enforceable’ ordinance.  Mayor Laird-White will meet with OPD in the next few days to  discuss this matter.



Orangetown Police Department

            Mayor Laird-White spoke on a recent Nyack Plaza management/security meeting

Village Administrator

            1.  Green Infrastructure Committee Grant Request

            2.  Marina Management Agreement (w/River Club)

Trustee Knowlton moved, Trustee Foster seconded the motion authorizing Mayor Laird-White to sign.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.

3.  Trustee Parker made a motion authorizing the Administrator to solicit resumes for the    

      following positions:     Village Planner, Recreation Leader, and Claims Auditor             

                  Trustee Knowlton seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

At 8:12pm, Trustee Knowlton made a motion to have an Executive Session to discuss matters of   personnel.  Trustee Parker seconded the motion which passed unanimously.       


            April 2012 report

Village Attorney

            Reports were given on the following:

            -Munimeter lease re-negotiation (Capital Leasing Corp.)

                        Moved by Trustee Knowlton, seconded by Trustee Parker.  Motion passed unanimously,

            -Ambulance Corp Planning Board request

            -Upcoming Cablevision Franchise agreement negotiation

            -proposed Zoning Code amendments (escrow accounts)


Building Department

            -Proposed Code revision (Fee schedule)

            RRA – Boathouse fee waiver request

                        Moved by Trustee Knowlton, seconded by Trustee Parker.  Motion passed unanimously,

Village Clerk

            2012-2013 Tax report

Trustee Parker moved to approve recommendation of the Attorney to waive tax amount due on ‘213 Depew Ave’ ($195.06) due to the fact thatownership of the property is currently in dispute. Trustee Knowlton seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

            Meeting schedule (Summer)

After some discussion, the following are the amended meeting dates for the Village Board:    July 19th and August 9th

            MS-4 Annual Report

                        To be posted on the Village website

            Village Budget

To be posted on the Village website





Public Works & Building

            Trustee Knowlton spoke on:

                        Road improvements


            Trustee Knowlton spoke on:

                        55 Catherine St project, Culvert reparations

Economic Development

Information Technology

            Trustee Foster spoke on:

                        Building Department software acquisition



 Inter-Governmental Relations

Parks & Recreation

Tappan Zee Bridge

Budget, Finance, and Administration



Marina update (Trustee Knowlton)

            23 Main Street (Village Attorney)



Sarah Anderson – Skate Park proposal

            Piero GorritiMusic in the Gazebo

                        Request denied

            Vic Del RegnoFilming request

                        Approved subject to receipt of required documents


NEW BUSINESS (3 minute limit per person for public comments)



At 8:26pm, Trustee Knowlton moved to go into Executive Session to discuss matter of personnel, Trustee Parker seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

At 8:43pm, it was moved by Trustee Knowlton seconded by Trustee Parker to come out of Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously.


There being no further business, nor anyone present wishing to be heard, Mayor Laird-White moved to close the regular meeting.  Trustee Knowlton seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously at 8:47pm

                       Respectfully submitted,

                       Mary E. White,

Village Clerk