Board Of Trustees – June 28, 2012

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Village of Nyack Board of Trustees held at 7:30pm on Thursday, June 28th,  2012 at Nyack Village Hall, 9 N. Broadway, Nyack New York


Hon. Jen Laird-White:

PRESENT:                              Jen Laird-White                                  Mayor 

Steve Knowlton                                          Trustee/Deputy Mayor

Louise Parker                                      Trustee

Doug Foster                                        Trustee

Marie Lorenzini                                  Trustee


ALSO PRESENT:                  Walter Sevastian                                 Village Attorney

Jim Politi                                          Village Administrator

                                    Mary E. White                                              Village Clerk   





Mayor Laird-White read a special ‘post Gas Main fire’ thank you to all those who assisted during the event (residents, employees, and emergency services personnel).   See attached.



            Regular meeting – June 14, 2012

Moved by Trustee Parker, seconded by Trustee Knowlton to approve minutes as presented.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.


PUBLIC COMMENT (3 minute limit per person)

Paul Curley – RRA facility

Mr. Curley inquired as to the process of approval of the proposed structure, including size and location.  He was concerned that the RRA had not reached out to the surrounding neighbors.  After further discussion, Trustee Knowlton offered to set up a meeting with the RRA and the residents directly affected by this proposal.


The following person also spoke during Public Comment:

Carol Fleischman, Larry Flesichman, and Pat Eskey –

Commented on the issue of bicyclists in the River Villages.  They reported on the recent meeting at Orangetown Town Hall after the recent cycling accident on 9W.  Mayor Laird-White offered to coordinate efforts to set up a meeting with the Villages and the Town to discuss possible solutions to ensure the safety of all involved (cyclists, residents, and motorists).

Kris Burns (Hopper House) – ‘Hopper Happens’

Proposal presented to the Board of ‘Hopper Happens Film Series’, Pop-up Galleries, and Digital Story Tour scheduled for August 17-24, 2012. 



Orangetown Police Department

Bicycling in the Village (see Public Comment)        

Village Administrator

            Reports given on:

    • Playground
    • Streetscape
    • Employment  (Planner, Recreation Leader)
    • Collective Bargaining Agreement
    • Traffic study (Central Ave/Fifth Ave)


Village Attorney

-Trustee Knowlton moved to approve Public Hearing schedule date of 7/19 @ 8pm  to discuss amending Chapter 196-14 of the Village Code, entitled “maintenance of Equipment” pertaining to the fines schedule for false alarms.           Trustee Parker seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

-Discussion to amend Chapter 120 of the Village Code, entitled ‘Affordable Housing’ was deferred to 7/19/2012.

Village Clerk

            2012-2013 Tax report

            Nyack Senior Center (Air conditioning system)





Public Works & Building        No report


Marina report

Streetscape report

Economic Development   No report

Information Technology  No report

Residential  No report 

Housing  No report

Inter-Governmental Relations  No report

Parks & Recreation

Trustee Knowlton moved to adopt proposed resolution authorizing the Mayor to file and application for funds from the Hudson River Estuary Program to enhance the Memorial Park Gazebo.  Trustee Lorenzini seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Tappan Zee Bridge

            Mayor Laird-White gave a brief report.

Budget, Finance, and Administration  No report



Marina update (Trustee Knowlton)

-Dockmasters, RRA facility/contract status

Playground structures

23 Main Street (Village Attorney)     



Nyack Homeless Project – Hook Mountain Challenge

Request to designate parking in the Spear Street lot for the above-referenced event was amended.  Trustee Knowlton suggested using the Artopee lot since the Spear Lot is primarily a ‘permitted’ lot.  Village Clerk was directed to notify NHP.

            The Yoga House – Yogathon

Mayor Laird-White motioned, Trusteel Foster seconded the motion to approve use of Memorial Park for this event.  Motion passed unanimously.

            Sara Anderson – Skate Event date change request

Mayor Laird-White moved, Trustee Parker approved proposed event with a date change to September 29 (rain date 10/6).  Motion passed by unanimous vote.

            Nyack Church of God (J. Amos) – Caribbean Gospelfest

Trustee Lorenzini moved, Trustee Parker seconded the motion to approve request for use of Memorial Park to hold the above-referenced event on August 18, 2012 (12pm-6pm).  Motion passed with unanimous vote subject to necessary application/insurance requirements.




NEW BUSINESS (3 minute limit per person for public comments)       

            ACADA (J. Dunnigan) – FutureHype Media

            Presentation to the board for proposed commercial shoot in the Village.



At 8:44pm, Trustee Knowlton moved to go into Executive Session to discuss matter of personnel,   and pending litigation. Trustee Parker seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

At 8:54pm, it was moved by Trustee Knowlton seconded by Trustee Parker to come out of Executive Session. Motion passed unanimously.


There being no further business, nor anyone present wishing to be heard, Trustee Knowlton moved to close the regular meeting.  Trustee Parker seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously at 8:57pm

                       Respectfully submitted,

                       Mary E. White,

Village Clerk