Nyack Parks Commission Minutes Feb. 29, 2012

Nyack Parks Commission Minutes

February 29, 2012 7:00 PM

Meeting Minutes taken by Carolyn Nunley Cairns

Park Commissioners present:

Bert Hughes, co-chair

Jim Willcox, co‐chair

Bruce Kenney

Carolyn Nunley Cairns

Marianne Olive

Marina: RFP is ready to release. The River Rowing Association has proposed a longterm lease with the Village the Parks Commission recommended to the Village Board that it should have an operator in place before proceeding with the RRA lease, and let the RRA negotiate with the operator.

Basketball Courts: Bert has received numerous complaints about the location. Jim attended the Village Board meeting and asked if access to the children’s park, which is block by the basketball court construction, could be improved. Unfortunately, the fencing that blocks access is not removable until construction is completed, but the Village will see if there’s a way to improve access.

Tan-Wax Property: No change, still negotiation for easement/access. The Mayor has suggested that Jim accompany her on an upcoming visit.

Children’s Play Park: The mayor says they are working on/or were asked to pursue a grant to upgrade some of the equipment on the north side of the playground, or replace the now-closed sandbox with something else. Carolyn suggested we start researching what types of replacement equipment might be available and ideal to recommend.

Protocol: No progress

Garden Club Tree: Marcy will be making a recommendation.

Veteran’s Memorial Park on Main Street: Jim believes there will not be an outright ban on smoking, though there may be signage to discouraging smoking, especially when children are present. Also, it’s not clear whether the Village is moving forward with an effort to change the designation of the park so that it’s not officially a park. This would likely be beneficial should the Riverscape/Superblock project move forward, as it is more difficult to remove or relocate an official park. All agreed that there has to be sensitivity to the veterans’ feelings in the matter, and that the Village must discuss the effort with veterans and make contingency plans for a give-back relocation.

Other issues: Marie Lorenzini is official Village Board liaison to the Parks Commission. Jim is inviting Marie to the next Parks Commission meeting to meet with the Parks Commissioners.

Jim notes that the current Tappan Zee bridge plans could involve taking the land where the Elizabeth Street Park currently exists. As this is now the primary park for dogwalking, the Parks Commission should be prepared to once again address the issue of allowing dogs in Memorial Park, or finding a suitable alternative. One suggestion is to establish a world-class dog park on the old bridge if it is retained and transformed into a park, much in the manner of the High Line in New York City.