Update on Nyack Skate Plaza project

skateboard4In March 2013, following the two-year effort by community members, the Nyack Village Trustees voted unanimously in favor of a resolution to support the construction of a multifunctional skate plaza. Support for this effort involved over 900 petition signatures and many public meetings and presentations, which were attended by overwhelming numbers of Nyack community members representative of all ages and backgrounds.

The Village of Nyack has agreed to allocate an area, originally slated to be a half basketball court, to the construction of a multifunctional concrete skate plaza.

The Nyack Skate Plaza will serve as a public recreational facility that is free to people of all ages and backgrounds and will serve a variety of wheeled sports. Construction of a skate plaza will foster diverse social interactions within the community, and enhance the health and wellness of participants. Nyack’s Memorial Park is presently undergoing major renovations, including the thoughtful design of a “recreational corner” where a new basketball court, baseball field and children’s playground are being constructed immediately adjacent to one another. The Nyack Skate Plaza will be constructed as part of this “recreational corner” and will serve as a vital addition to Memorial Park as the Village seeks to augment the variety of recreational activities and programs offered to the community and revitalize the overall design and use of Memorial Park.

The costs for the design and construction of the skate plaza are being fundraised exclusively by the community. To date, over $27,000 has been raised for the plaza.

In Fall 2013, the design contract was awarded to ASD/ Stantec. ASD is well known for designing beautiful wheel friendly plazas throughout the nation. Their dynamic design portfolio can be viewed here: http://actionsportdesign.com/projects/. The design process will involve public input meetings, which will be posted here.

We would love your input. Please fill out the form below and put “Skateboard Park” in the “Issue / Project ” box. To see all the approved responses, go to nyack-ny.gov/public-input