Snow Emergency Policy Overview

The Village Board of Trustees adopted a Snow Emergency Policy at the December 22, 2011 Board Meeting.


“The purpose of this policy is to ensure the public safety and welfare during storm conditions which may cause the Village roads to become hazardous to automobile and pedestrian travel, and to ensure adequate passage and access for Emergency Service vehicles, including but not limited to Police, Fire, Ambulance and other providers.”

Enforcement Area

The policy requires that there will be no parking on the Village Streets as indicted in the map below upon declaration of a Snow Emergency.  The list of affected streets are listed on the right sidebar of this page.


The notification to the public that a Snow Emergency has been declared will be made by:

  • The Village website and FaceBook page (, will post the declaration of a Snow Emergency as well as when it is lifted.
  • You can sign up for e-mail alerts on the sign-up page.
  • Radio announcements on WHUD 100.7, The Peak 107.1, K104.7, WPMB 92.9,  and WGHQ 920, WBNR 1260, WLNA 1420;
  • The NY Alert notification system will be used to notify those who have signed on to the system.  We encourage you to sign up for the alerts that are offered by going to .
  • The Village Hotline will provide a verbal message of the declaration of a Snow Emergency, and will provide a verbal message when it is lifted.  845-358-5626

These notification outlets will also announce when the snow Emergency has been lifted.

Off-Street Parking — Where you can park

Once a Snow Emergency has been declared those residents without off-street parking will be allowed to parking in any of the Village’s public parking lots.

  • Artopee Way  Parking Lot
  • Riverspace Parking Lot
  • Spear Street Parking Lot
  • Catherine Street Parking Lot
  • Nyack Marina Parking Lot (south side)

Parking will be free in all lots listed above for the duration of the Snow Emergency Declaration.

People parked in these lots will have 12 hours after the Snow Emergency has been lifted to move their cars out of the lot.

Below is the boundary map.

Snow Emergency Boundary Area
Snow Emergency Boundary Area


We recommend that, even if your neighborhood is not affected by the snow emergency, you move your cars off village streets.  Plows will not be able to easily see cars covered with snow.  You should also note that the plows will make many, many runs in the course of the storm.  Their primary responsibility is to clear the roadways and it is certain that any driveways that are shoveled mid storm WILL BE PLOWED IN.  We recommend waiting until the end of the storm to shovel your driveway.  If you do not wish to wait until the end of the storm, understand that plowing back in at the base of your driveway WILL happen.

When the snow emergency has been lifted, people will be allowed to return cars to their neighborhood streets.  Many of the streets in our village, when parked on both sides, are too narrow for a plow to pass.  In order for plowing to occur, alternate side parking rules must stay in effect and residents who cannot find parking on the proper side of the street should find alternate off street parking or move their cars to the village lot until their street has been cleared.

We urge everyone to make necessary preparations for power outages and other storm related issues that might occur.  Check flashlight batteries, make sure you have your cell phones charged and necessary medicine as well as food and water for a few days. Village Hall will have it’s backup generator hooked up and, in case of wide spread power outages, will provide emergency cell phone charging and a warming center.

Please, if you have a hydrant in front of your home, make it a priority to shovel it out.  Do not approach any downed power lines.  If you see a power line down call Orange and Rockland 1-877-434-4100. And do check on elderly or sick neighbors.  When we all stick together and play it safe, storms can be beautiful adventures.

The Village Hotline that will issue updates to storm related questions or concerns. Call the Hotline at 845-358-5626 for updates.  We also have a Facebook page and will post any necessary storm related concerns there in addition to our website.