Street Improvements — 2011/12

Nyack’s Streetscape Project began officially when Carol Fleischman, Streetscape Committee Chairwoman, and Steven Knowlton, Village Trustee, used a sledgehammer to literally break ground Saturday, June 4th on the corner of Main St. & Franklin St.

Monday, June 13th A-Tech Concrete Company, contractors for the project, will begin to remove and replace sidewalks. Since June 6th, they have been on-site measuring and marking the various areas for the work ahead.

The project will be done in 5 sections along Main St. from Franklin to Broadway in order to maintain business as usual and keep disruption at a minimum. Work hours are scheduled from 7:30am until 3:30pm Mondays thru Fridays.

Various merchants and restaurants will be staging events throughout the project in keeping with the Streetscape, such as Streetscape Savings, Demolition Drinks…

Hard Hat info:

Project Coordination:

Jim Politi, Village Administrator, 845-358-3581,,

Business Liason:

Scott Baird, Pres., Chamber of Commerce, 845-353-2221,

Merchant events:

Paulette Ross, p.ross, Chair, Merchants’ Committee, 845-348-1767,

Restaurant events:

Patti Aagard, Reality Bites, Restaurant Row, 845-358-8800,