Draft Cafe Permit modifications

DRAFT FOR 3/22/12 Local Law #___ of 2011 A local law to amend Sections 360-3.2 (E) (6) & (7), entitled “Use Specific Standards” as applies to the standards applicable to Outdoor Dining Permits and Sidewalk Café Permits New text in italics  (underlined text are issues the Building Department has requested that the Board consider amending).   360-3.2 - USE SPECIFIC … [Read more...]

Snow Policy


Hazardous Road Conditions – General The Nyack Village Board of Trustees, as the legislative body of an incorporated village in the State of New York, pursuant to Village Law 4-412, has jurisdiction over the public roadways within the Village of Nyack.  Furthermore, the Nyack Village Board may, pursuant to Vehicle and Traffic Law 1640(18), and Village Code 330-55, declare a snow emergency based … [Read more...]